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Bluefin Focus RS

Bluefin Focus RS
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A revolutionary new way for you to maximise the performance of your Ford vehicle. No mechanical or technical skills are required. FFOC Discount available Bluefin will give you the performance that you want, the control that you seek and the satisfaction of a vehicle that is a pleasure to drive. Your vehicle will be more responsive and have more power and more torque for better pick-up and a smoother drive. How do I use bluefin? With a bluefin you don't need any mechanical or technical skills, it's quickly and easily installed from the comfort of your driving seat. Simply plug the bluefin handset into the diagnostic port (connecting you to the vehicle's Electronic Control Unit); the bluefin then uploads new settings to enhance your vehicle's performance, bringing your car alive within minutes. Why does my car need bluefin? Cars today leave the factory with their performance compromised to allow for low grade fuel and irregular servicing. Bluefin's fully reversible process overrides these factory settings maximising power and torque, bringing your car alive. Buy with confidence Bluefin is developed by Superchips Ltd - the UK market leader in engine performance improvement. You can be confident that bluefin will dramatically improve your vehicle's performance with the reassurance of: 7-day refund ? your statutory rights are not affected. Lifetime guarantee ? in the unlikely event of product failure we will replace your bluefin. Supplementary warranty ? gives you complete peace of mind by covering the parts deemed to be excluded from the manufacturer?s warranty. Comprehensive insurance cover options.